• Creating The Best Blueberries.
  • Creating farms that bring smiles.
  • Creating a sustainable community base.

We aim to create a tourist farm where many people, from children to adults, can enjoy the delicious taste of blueberries and smile naturally. From there, we would like to play one of the roles in creating an attractive and wonderful “town” that will last for a long time.

– About Logo –
– ロゴについて –

The three blueberries represent the three concepts of our farm.
The herb at the bottom is an arrow from left to right in the shape of an herb. The arrows indicate the future of the farm, which will not end with the blueberry farm, but will develop into a “community development” project.

– Six objectives –
– 6つの目的 –

Blueberry “stalks” are originally pentagonal in shape.
However, the blueberry stalks in our logo are hexagonal and star-shaped. There is a good reason for this hexagonal shape.

 1.Best Blueberries
 2.Playing Outdoors
 4.Creating a sustainable base
 5.Smiling Face
 6.Childcare Support